Our illustration capabilities cover a broad spectrum of creative needs. Resident Illustrator, Adam D. Smith, was trained in traditional illustration methods and the fine art of oil painting. Equally impressive are his skills in digital art, infographic and map illustration. As a freelancer and partner at Seven Thirteen Creative, he has illustrated everything from puzzles and pinball machines, to wine lables and children’s books as well as showing his original artwork in international art shows. Click on a category below to explore a variety of illustrations or check out his fine art website here.

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Digital Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestA Little Rees Spechtchildren's Book, cover, farm, cartoon, characters, digital illustration, character, A Little Rees Specht Cultivates KindessReesSpecht Life Page 12Rees, ReesSpecht Life, children's book, illustration, fun, child,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> book character illustration postcard poster 0 13
Infographics Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestThe Member PathRob Skrob, business, success, coaching, consulting, red, blue, grey, infographic, diagramStrategic Planningmanagence, consulting, coaching, cloud, training, business, corporate, orange, blue, deal, infographic, diagram, ManagenceExecutive Functionsmap, process,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> arrows bar chart chart charts graphs illustration infographics pie charts stats 0 11
Maps Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestEarly Cretaceous shale mapmap, geopolitics, world, politics, geographyNorth American Waterwaysmaps, geopolitical, rivers, USA, America, United States, politics, geographyNorth American Shalemap, geopolitics, world, politics, geography, USAPersian Gulf Battlespacemap, geopolitics,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> climate digital illustration geography globe maps schematics states US World 0 8
Products Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestVenice Canal PuzzleVenice, Italy, Canal, colorful, gondolas, jigsaw puzzle, illustration, painting, oilDanford's Inn, Port Jefferson Puzzleport, harbor, Port Jefferson, boats, dock, pier, sailboat, water, ocean, jigsaw puzzle, oil,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> games illustration painting pinball products puzzles toys wine 0 8
Traditional Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestPalm Springspalm tree, green, blue, oil, paint, brush, fine art, illustrationNykodog, German Shepherd, Christmas, ornament, tree, yellow, green, red, orange, lights, mixed media, oil, illustrationMac Tontahmusician, painting, oil,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> acrylic airbrush canvas celebrity mixed media music oil painting 0 7
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