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Your visual presence is more relevant now than ever. With the constant bombardment of information and images through digital and traditional media, you need to stand out – and above – the rest. Words are persuasive, but it’s often the images that capture the audiences attention. When you put YOUR picture of 1000 words out there – it better look good! That’s where we come in.

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Seven Thirteen was a pleasure to work with. If you have an opportunity to work with them, do it! They are well worth your time and money. They are very responsive and willing to provide an end result that is beyond what you expected. I will be using them again, there is no doubt about that. It is nice to be able to work with an agency that provides good work and service.


Working with Khrystyne was an amazing experience. I was not expecting the level of research she committed herself to in order to develop the logo I was looking for, and she did it in a timeframe that was much better than I could imagine, developing a beautiful set of graphics for me to pick from and then coloring the selected logo to perfection, delivering a final set of files that was absolutely perfect! I look forward to working with her again in the future.

New York

Seven Thirteen Creative did an excellent job providing graphic design services. This was the first time I had hired someone for a project like this. They were patient, professional and performed flawlessly. I would highly recommend Seven Thirteen Creative for anyone’s project. The job was completed on budget and well before the initial timeline.


Our Team

Jack-of-all-trades, master of some

Partner/Creative Director

Adam D. Smith

mAD Woman and FitBit addict

Partner/Creative Director

Khrystyne Robillard-Smith

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Media Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestPML Mediablue, cyan, media, internet, marketingThe Nimble Agencymarketing, promotion, icon, siloHarlem News Group,, orange, yellow, newspaper, magazineThe Artist Showcasemagazine, mauve, blue, masthead <span class="project-category">Logos</span> media PR public relations publisher 0 4
Music Industry Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestScott Helmerred, white, blue, vintage, grunge, script, guitar, music, musician, band, logo, Scott HelmerMinddriftBand, heavy metal, black, logo, MindDriftMedina Stone Farmseal, vintage, music, logo, Medina Stone FarmMac Tontoh... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> band bands entertainment music musicians 0 8
Trade Show Graphics Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestTradeCrews Bannerstrade show, bannerTrade Crews BannersBarr Backdropbarr, disaster, cleanup, retail, trade show, display, damp rid, Mold Armor, flood, fire, stormInfinite Safari Bannertrade show banner, sign, travel, safariHomeVisitreal estate,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> backdrop banner display trade show 0 11
Media Kits Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestThe Artist Showcaseart, artist, magazine, painting, media kitHamptons Contemporary Buyer's Guideretail, home improvement, home decor, magazine, publication, architecture, interior designer, blue, hamptons, media kitTraci Allen, life, club,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> folder media kit rate sheets 0 4
Travel Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestFINStravel, Australia, Happy Valley, Fraser Island, fish, fins, rainbow, hand writtenTwo Georges MarinaMarina logo, marine, boat yacht, red, white, blue, circleH&K Luxury TravelTravel, private jet, luxury, concierge, gold,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> island luxury tour tourism travel 0 11
Creative + Arts Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestRed Sofa Studiosred, illustrated, frameLive Laugh Love Retreatsretreat, tree, flower, green, brown, scriptSquishy Face Studiodog, rainbow, studio, art, photographyRich Helmer Photographyphotography, geometric, red, blue orange, yellow, greenKwok One... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> arts creative dance photographer photography 0 6
Rack Cards Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestsk toursStephen King, tour, raven, illustration, red, black, clown, MainePaws Look Listendog, training, behavior, cartoon, green, rack card, paws look listenTrue Winds Rewardstravel, orange, teal, reward card, true... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> buck slip card rack card 0 5
Packaging Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestHearty NaturalsBalmbunourishing, balm, bamboo, label, tin, BalmbuBanderas Soap Blendsbody lotion, soap, natural, cream, label, tin, Soap BlendsHearty Naturals Coconut OilNatural, palm trees, tropical, red, brown, green, label, Hearty... <span class="project-category">Retail</span> blister bottle label packaging tin wrapper 0 13
Club Cards Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestBest Dressedclub bounce, club, DJ, dance, teen, party, music, club card, club bounceClub BounceDJ, school's out, part, dance, teen, techno, disco, music, club card, club bounceJetSetjetset, party, club,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> club card entertainment night club postcard 0 6
Home Services Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestGrowing Greek Home Décorhome, decor, décor, interior design, taupe, greyJustice Wood Design/Buildwoodworking, earthy, red, blue, terra cotta, abstractDwellnesshealthy, blue, green, window, leafBermuda Property Servicespalm tree, tropic, island, hibiscus,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> builder contracting decor designer home services siding windows 0 8
Medical + Healthcare Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestPositiveTherapy4USusan Simms, social worker, therapist, psychiatry, meditation, therapy, counseling, bird, purple, teal, Twin Cities Family Counselingbridge, Minnesota, counseling, therapy, green, brown, Minneapolis, logo, twin citiesElevation Dermatology & Skin... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> counseling dentist dermatology doctor medical 0 13
Displays Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestBlunt Powerspray, air freshener, black, purple, POP, display, BluntPowerPokitmanred, blue, breathalyzer, POP, display, PokitmanNoWhey PeaNot Cups POPcandy, display, color, product, fun, red, peanut, POP, displays, retail, No WheyNoWhey... <span class="project-category">Retail</span> display point of purchase POP retail 0 5
Maps Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestEarly Cretaceous shale mapmap, geopolitics, world, politics, geographyNorth American Waterwaysmaps, geopolitical, rivers, USA, America, United States, politics, geographyNorth American Shalemap, geopolitics, world, politics, geography, USAPersian Gulf Battlespacemap, geopolitics,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> climate digital illustration geography globe maps schematics states US World 0 8
Products Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestVenice Canal PuzzleVenice, Italy, Canal, colorful, gondolas, jigsaw puzzle, illustration, painting, oilDanford's Inn, Port Jefferson Puzzleport, harbor, Port Jefferson, boats, dock, pier, sailboat, water, ocean, jigsaw puzzle, oil,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> games illustration painting pinball products puzzles toys wine 0 8
Stationery Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallest4 Directions Consulting & Coachingbusiness consulting, feather, indian, native American, Red, goldFundeezeeyellow, black, education, fundraising, stationery, letterhead, business card, envelope, fundeezeeSpencer Dean Restorationstationery, letterhead, business card, envelope, floors,... <span class="project-category">Corporate Identity</span> #10 business card corporate identity envelope letterhead stationery 0 20
Educational Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestCRN Educational Consultingblue, network, education, consulting, student, success, educationalPASS Prep Academy Sport Systemsoccer, sports, gold, education, pass, academyActivate the Mindlearn, education, mind, brain, purple, violet, magenta, green, math,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> class course education learning school tutoring 0 10
Tri-Fold Brochures Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestHomeVisit Single Property Websiteswebsite, drone, virtual, realty, real estate, market, blue, grey, photography, trifold, tri-fold, Home VisitHomeVisit-trifoldReal Estate, 3D, photography, drone, blue, black, grey, video, virtual tourShana Ekedaltri-fold,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> brochure tri-fold trifold 0 3
Powerpoint Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestCCO Powerpoint Presentationpowerpoint, cartoon, colorful, bright, medicine, oncology, doctors, presentationArctix - Alpha-6ski, sports, snow, mountain, alpha-6, power point, slide, arctixHiFramehome decor, TV, decorating, design, designer, black, slick, powerpoint,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> keynote powerpoint presentation slide slides 0 6
Postcards Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestleDentiste Postcardback to school, special, postcard, promo, dentist, dental, doctor, medicalInvisible Showershower, clean, recreation trucker, sports, blue, green, product, package, postcard, invisible showerNature's Premier Diaper Servicediaper, baby, pastel,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> card mailer postcard postcards promo 0 10
Products Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestStadium Music Boxstadium, music, box, blue, grey, vintage, typography, ornamental, handmadeIntellipedicbedding, pillow, bed, sleep, cyan, blue, blackForeverUSAstars, stripes, USA, red, blue, patriotic, AmericaGinghamGasolinetextile, printed, fabric, vintage, retro, red,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> beauty drinks food products soap 0 24
E-Blasts Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestNature's Premiere Diaper Serviceemail, offer, reminder, diaper, baby, infant, teal, green, e-blast, Nature's PremiereNature's Premiere Diaper Serviceoffer, newsletter, coupon, join, teal, blue, baby, infant, orange, e-blast, Nature's PremiereubCool-Templatetravel,... <span class="project-category">Web</span> constant contact e-blast email blast mailchimp 0 10
Print Advertising Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestRooted Hospitalityrestaurant, seafood, culinary, Rhum, Rhumba, CowfishShaws Grocerygrocery store, retail, earth day, sketch, chalk, chalkboard, earth day, green, blue, black, globe, ad, advertisingStar Market Earth Day Circulargrocery store,... <span class="project-category">Advertising</span> ad advertising magazine print 0 21
Organizations Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestThird Alliancethird alliance, rising sun, rays, HistoryReesSpecht Life FoundationReesSpecht Life Foundation, fun, children, kids, not-for-profit, pay it forwardget.a.voicepurple, blue, green, sketch, icon, summit, award, bronze, logoIn Touch Teachereducation,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> community education organization 0 5
Food + Beverage Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestMy-O-My Cookiesfood package, cooked, snacks, natural, walnut, oatmealFour Plusalmonds, nuts, granola, earthy, label, bag, wrapper, four PlusFreeDulgencecookies, label, bag, package, FreedulgenceMaine Made Tealabel, coffee, bagManuka Honeyhoney, jar, orange,... <span class="project-category">Retail</span> bag bottle box container label package 0 20
Catalogs Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestHamptons Jewelry Showjewelry, Hamptons, Southampton, elegant, fashion, trade showInfinite SafariTravel, catalog, africa, safari, animalsArctix Look Bookproduct, catalog, gear, ski, arctixArbor Green Landscape Products Cataloglandscaping, supplies, retail, wholesale, landscaper,... <span class="project-category">Publications</span> catalog catalogs clothing products retail 0 12
Infographics Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestThe Member PathRob Skrob, business, success, coaching, consulting, red, blue, grey, infographic, diagramStrategic Planningmanagence, consulting, coaching, cloud, training, business, corporate, orange, blue, deal, infographic, diagram, ManagenceExecutive Functionsmap, process,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> arrows bar chart chart charts graphs illustration infographics pie charts stats 0 11
Retail + Wholesale Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestTerribly FreshFood, snacks, natural, whole foods, green, brown, seal, vintageMaxwells Pet Co.Dog, Cat, Pet supplies, retail, blue, cyanGeneratorPROorange, grey, generator, technologyAffordableOrganix2organic food, brown, green, whole foods, naturalBook NookWish... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> retail wholesale 0 29
Web Advertising Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestTop Australian WinesAustralian, wine, tasting, web bannerInvestment Strategyinvestment, retirement, strategy, finance, grey, teal, planning, web bannerKing Beany Cyber Mondaybean bag, lounge, furniture, cyber monday, retail, blue, web bannerKing... <span class="project-category">Advertising</span> ad banner header leader skyscraper web web advertising 0 17
Business Cards Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestIT Igniterstech, IT, orange, flame, fun, business card, IT Igniters Natures Premiere Diaper Serviceantique, baby, infant, service, teal, green, business card, nature's premiere jotteqmedical, care, eye, blue, icon,... <span class="project-category">Corporate Identity</span> business cards corporate i 0 23
Traditional Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestPalm Springspalm tree, green, blue, oil, paint, brush, fine art, illustrationNykodog, German Shepherd, Christmas, ornament, tree, yellow, green, red, orange, lights, mixed media, oil, illustrationMac Tontahmusician, painting, oil,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> acrylic airbrush canvas celebrity mixed media music oil painting 0 7
Social Networking Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestWine Decoderwine, burgundy, red, bottle, socialSienna Plantationcommunity, neighborhood, social, violet, lime, cyan, planned community, cottonCollected it!social, collecting, collectibles, teal, green, retroub-coollion, cool, orange, teal, icon, logo, ub-cool <span class="project-category">Logos</span> community networking sharing social 0 3
Books Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestGrand Deception The Browder Hoaxbook cover, flag, Russia, USA, Alex Krainer, The Browder HoaxRealEstateMathUltimate Van Conversion Cheat SheetVan Conversion Illustrated Companionmanual, catalog, book cover, conversion van, travel, camping,... <span class="project-category">Publications</span> book books cover hardcover softcover 0 11
Web Design Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestTerribyFreshPostiviveTherapy4Utherapy, psychology, psychotherapy, therapist, social worker, depression, anxiety, meditation, purple, tealGretchen Latham Pet Trainingwebsite design, wordpress, purple, teal, dog training, cat training, veterinaryLe Dentiste WebsiteNatures Premiere Diaper ServiceJotteq... <span class="project-category">Web</span> user interface ux design web branding web design web interface 0 47
Invitations + Cards Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestSeason's Greetings from the Hamptonschristmas, lights, mansion, tree, stars, snow, blue, card, greeting card, Hamptons ContemporarySpring Music Fest at West Mountainmusic fest, yellow, red, tree, grunge, cardKaty &... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> cards Christmas holiday holidays invitations 0 8
Bi-Fold Brochures Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestZEGArtMontreal BrochureArt, fine art, modern art, contemporary art, exhibit, trade show, Montreal, Canada, Red, BlueTexas Children's Hospital Bad Pants BrochureTexas Children's Hospital, golf, fundraiser, benefitReMax Synergybooklet, pamphlet, Real... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> bi-fold bifold brochure 0 16
Flyers + One Sheets Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestFGP Sales AssistantBlue, sales, gold, sell sheet, one sheet, flyer, corporate sales, representative AMX sell sheet3D Printing, accessories, blue, honeycomb, technology, tools, suppliesTradeCrews Sell Sheetconstruction, trades school, education,... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> flyer one sheet promo white sheet 0 19
Signage Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestSt. John Brewers Brewtiquebeer, gifts, apparel, tropical, island, billboard, palm treeEverything Sweetchocolate, candy, gifts, ice cream, brown, blue, vintageEverything Sweet Chocolate Candy Giftsblue, brown, vintage, flag, advertising <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> banners flags signage signs 0 3
Social Media Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestNature's Premiere Diaper Serviceservice, infant, baby, teal, Facebook, social media, cover, Nature's PremiereSt. Barts Blueluxury, villas, travel, caribbean, pool, palm trees, beach, blue, teal, Facebook, social media, cover,... <span class="project-category">Web</span> cover facebook google social media twitter youtube 0 7
Professional Services Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestMVSolutionsinsurance, software, green, blue, professional, abstractCanopyNationemployee, benefits, insurance, human resources, clean, corporate, blueAudit Protection Networktaxes, accounting, accountant, shield, blue, silver, lock, security, auditScottMarketingMarketing, BtoB, B2B, ble, grey, iconProtechSeal,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> architecture coach coaching design finance law lawyer life coach management real estate 0 41
Animals Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestAll Dogs Go To Helendog training, illustration, blue, orange, cartoon, puppyHonest To DogKids+Dogsdog training, obedience, blue, baby blueThe Dog Ladydog training, dog walking, cartoon, caricature, magenta, pinkGretchen Latham... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> dog dog trainer dog trainers dog training dogs pets trainer 0 40
Technology Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestITStrategiestech, technology, digital, IT, Information technology, blue, cyan, brain, networking, ai, artificial intelligence Crossbowtech, technology, blue, greyScytheTechnology, cyber security, hacking, security, fire was, black, blueProteus Fintechicon, technology, black,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> tech tech company technology 0 20
Apparel Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestAll-Rise 99tradecrews-tshirtTiger Teepaw, tiger, t-shirt, orange, golf ball, tee, apparelT-Jackchildren, kids, characters, rainbow, fun, apparelShank-a-pot-a-musgolf, ball, hippo, blue, apparelPreggo'd My Eggofunny, red, yellow, humor, apparelOnesiesbaby, clothes, fun, humor,... <span class="project-category">Retail</span> apparel shirt t-shirt tee-shirt 0 9
Industrial Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestFox Commercial ServicesCommercial, industrial, green, foxTradeCrews.comtrades, construction, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, blue, orange, industrial, factoryAir Central IncAC, HVAC, cyan, metalDesert CardLockred, grey, icon, transparent, fuel, monogram, Desert CardlockF.S. Sperryrefractors,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> A/C heating homes HVAC industrial 0 5
Dining + Entertainment Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestAvoTacoblue, green, guacamole, tacos, margaritas, restaurant, Olives and OilRestaurant, bar, gastropub, pub, wine, black, vintage, logoFrequencyOfFlavorcooking, blog, clean sauce, sage, chef, spoonElm City Social Kitchen & Cocktailsbar, cocktails,... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> bar club dining entertainment restaurant tapas 0 8
Menus Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestOlives & Oilmenu, cover, vintage, italian, Olives & OilElm City Socialcocktails, restaurant, vintage, bar, Elm City Social <span class="project-category">Retail</span> bar bistro cafe menu restaurant tapas 0 2
Digital Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestA Little Rees Spechtchildren's Book, cover, farm, cartoon, characters, digital illustration, character, A Little Rees Specht Cultivates KindessReesSpecht Life Page 12Rees, ReesSpecht Life, children's book, illustration, fun, child,... <span class="project-category">Illustration</span> book character illustration postcard poster 0 13
Magazines Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestLifetime Living Magazineseniors, health, wellness, magazine coverThe Artist Showcase Magazine Covermagazine, red, editorial, fine artThe Artist Showcase Spreadsfine art, sculpture, magazineThe Artist Showcase Coversartist, magazine, sculpture, fine art,... <span class="project-category">Publications</span> article cover editorial magazine 0 5
Sports + Wellness Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestHealth Wholenesshealth, organic, diet, detox, green, blackTCI Football AcademyTCI, football, soccer, green, blue, yellow, shield, waveAlpha Divedive, snorkel, blue, alphaRunning with Roverrunning, dog, training, bootcamp, fitness, bluePASS Prep... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> cycle running soccer sports yoga 0 8
Events Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestArtMontrealArt Show, montreal, contemporary art, blue, modern artArtHamptonsFine art fair, red, blue, hamptons, art, logo, Art HamptonsArtRocksart, grunge, party, red, blue, ArtHamptons, Hamptons, logodesignHamptonsmodern chic, red, orange, interior... <span class="project-category">Logos</span> conference event fair festival party trade show wedding 0 9
Vehicle Graphics Sort byLatestTitleMost commentedLargestSmallestPopcorn Fabrikkenvan, vehicle wrap, graphics, summit, award, winner, pop, yellow, popcorn, red, carnival, circus, partyPlymouth Rock Assurancevan, truck, wrap, vehicle, character, promotion, marketing, blue, orange, yellow, InsurancePlymouth Rock... <span class="project-category">Promotion</span> decal graphic vehicle wrap 0 5
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